1- British agent
My first animation that I created in the animation software Anime Studio pro, It is a 2D computer animated trailer for a TV series about an MI5 agent that is fight domestic terrorist threats. The brief was to make a trailer for a film or TV series that we make up, This was from GCSE Media studies in year ten. I got an A for the work and now that I look back it was simplistic but good for a first attempt at animation.

2- Luxo JR 2
Luxo JR 2 was my first 3D computer animated film which I based on the Pixar film Luxo Jr. The reason I did this was because I couldn’t seem to get through my first 3D film and I set up a storyline for a squeal for Luxo Jr and decided to make that. I created the lamp and the sets and did all the animation myself. I knew at the beginning of the project that when I completed it I would be able to follow through on other projects I wanted to do as it would give me more confidence and perseverance. This was a successful film, I made the character and I was happy with the quality of my first work on 3D software. It gave me the confidence to persevere threw later projects because I knew that no matter how daunting a project might seem it is possible. Luxo JR 2 was daunting and 3D animation was daunting but I proved to myself I could do it even if I say to myself I can’t.

3- Disarmament
Disarmament was just a little a story about a robot who has to disarm bombs and the story line was very simple. In conclusion the story was very slow and could have been cut to a much higher standard. the animation was basic but the key factor that let quality down was the lighting and it is something that I will work on. What I was pleased about is the two explosions that take place in the film as this was my first experience of using particles in Blender.


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