4- The Start of The End
The start of the end was a project that I did to work on my editing so I chose a quick paced song and worked with that. I feel the editing is much improved from my previous project. The shots are a lot shorter and it the short film moves on at a much quicker pace. The set design are much more realistic than my previous short films and the backgrounds were more ambitious overall I feel this short shows improvement from my last short.

5- Holes Chapter 1
This was a animation that I did in a night for a tiny media project in which we had to chose a scene from a book and choose a song to go with it. I chose the book Holes and the song our town, My conclusion of this short is that it was set a good mood and it fitted the song very well. Considering I did it in a night I was very happy with the quality that I achieved with building a number of sets. The cuts fit in very well and I was very pleased with the editing that I did as it helps set the right mood and is very easy on the eye.

6- Little Red Riding Hood
This is the same as the last one only instead of the being based on a chapter in holes but a scene in Little Red Riding Hood. I did this in two days and because of that I am happy with the overall result. Although it isn’t as fluent and as Holes it is still well put together, The animation of the characters aren’t that good but considering the time I did it in I was very happy with the result.

7- Development of an animated character
this was just a test that I did to build a face with all off the rigging complete. I wanted to test speaking and moving of the mouth. I am happy with the outcome with a good character having a full body rig. The mouth movement with the eyes and the overall body motion is of a high quality.

8- Drink Advert
This was a little project that I did to look at advertising and it was just a very simple idea focusing on the 2012 Olympic games and using that idea to benefit the advert. I was happy with the advert with a good character and decent animation, The setting is also very pleasing with the major London landmarks in the background. The effects of the black and white to colour and the birds was a new experience for me.

9- Welsh Water Safety
This was my A level course work and it was used in local welsh water places to work as a safety video for young children. I faced many challenges as they wanted animation but also live action which meant that I had to learn how to do the green screen and put animation in a live action scene. This was the first time I put animation and live action together. I think that I spent so much time working on the putting the live action and the animation together that the quality of the animation was effected in this. I was happy with the animation and live action mix but I felt the animation could have been a little better. I got an A for this film trailer so it fulfilled its purpose as my Media course work.


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