10- The Great Philosopher
This was my last animation on Blender before changing to Maya and I look at this and compared it to Disarmament. This is because disarmament was my second animation on Blender. I think that it shows the improvement I made in character animation and in editing and setting a mood. Although character animation was not perfect it was much improved from my first animations. The sets and scenes were good and there were a large verity of sets and scenes.

11- Test
My first project on Maya was to test the hair dynamics on the ball and to test the fireworks on Maya. This was very pleasing to have realistic hair that looks natural in movement and in the wind. It is just a simplistic short of a simple creature coming in sitting on a box and fireworks going off and the creature getting blown of the box then coming back to watch them. This gave me the opportunity to play with the fireworks in Maya and a good opportunity to play the hair dynamics that Maya has.

12- Trains Trailer
This is my year 13 Media course work and it is a trailer for a film. I had to look at representation of gender, age and nationality in film and had to chose actors that would fit the roles of the characters in the film. The characters I am very happy with as I think that they have a realistic look to it and think I create the illusion of life very well. I am happy with the quality of the lip sync as this was my first full animation in which I lip sync the characters. The lighting is of a good quality that creates a realistic effect and it was difficult to achieve some of the scenes in lighting especially the moon light scene. I have also been pleased with the sets and the look of the sets, The animation was of a high quality and my favourite shot of all my animations was when they were in the port and he says “they don’t like it up’em” as it is a great atmosphere and the animation has little details like the movement of the van when talking. The challenges that I had when making this was the eyes on the characters and creating movement in the eyes and I ended up green screening the eyes and putting the iris in afterwards and moving them in After Effects. This is my favourites of all my animations as it is the best story and the characters in this film are the best characters that I have worked with. I got an A for this film trailer so it fulfilled its purpose as my Media course work.

13- Trains Teaser Trailer
I enjoyed working on the Trains trailer so much I thought I’d make a teaser trailer for it. I loved working with the characters and animating them so I decided to take the Churchill car and make a full speech with him. Again I manage to get the little movements in the and it makes it realistic and believable.

14- Gettysburg Address
This was more of a test to develop my human characters and I based it on Abraham Lincoln and the Gettysburg address. The character is good and it has key details that make you know that it is Lincoln the second you look at him, But the problem is with the character is the hands they are far too big and it doesn’t look realistic and makes it hard to animate. The animation is ok as the lip synch is good at the beginning but it seems to become mistimed as the animation goes on. The movement is minimal and that was because of the hands as I could not move them around as much as I should off because of the size of the hands.

15- Cannon Ball
This was just a simple hand drawn animation of a cannon ball falling down the stairs, I think that I have managed to get the movement to be quiet realistic with the sudden drop and the slow roll.

16- 12 Frames
This is just 12 frames of a man rowing a boat and because of that 12 frame constraint it is very quick and is difficult to watch because of the fast pace.

17- CGI Sneeze
Just a simple little animation on Maya which was for a week project in university and I used a basic character that I already had so that I could concentrate on the movement of the character. Overall the movement is good and very convincing.

18- Sneeze
This was a hand drawn sneeze put over a hand drawn background with two flags flying in the wind that were made in Maya. This was very good for my first hand drawn animation with proper character animation. If I had more time I would of gave the character colour to make it more realistic but I am happy with the character and the background.

19- Flower
This is just a short film looking at the growth of a flower from a seed and it is very convincing with the leaves flourishing and the stem rising from the ground.

20- Force, Weight & Volume
This short film was like a experiment on mixing techniques, The first part is a convincing 2D animation and then it the square gets smashed and we go into a 3D world with a flag flying off and then the flag slowly turning into a 2D drawing which was a new experience and technique for me. The sound works well and I mange to set a mood and tell a story of a square that goes through all these different motions. I felt it was a clever way to meet the brief that was set for me and I gave the square a story. The Audio of the film works well with the music changing when the mood or pace changes and in some cases refers to what’s happening in the film.

21- Materials
This is just looking at a band and a milk bottle with the bottle top being brought off with the elastic band going over it. I should of had the bottle fall over as the elastic band goes over it to make it that little bit more realistic.

22- Overlapping action
This is just a animation for university to work on overlapping action so I had some one dressed up as Santa walking in a snow blizzard with the cloths flying every were and the snow on the hut roof and of course the snow. The movement of the character is good with a nice atmosphere in the film with the heavy snow.


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