23- Music video
Overall I am extremely pleased with the final product and the final film because it reaches a good standard and I have explored new styles and techniques. More importantly I have learnt many things the first being the many ways I can use Maya and exploit software like after effects and Photoshop to give it a completely new look. One learning curve I experienced in the film is actually visible and obvious and that is the changes in style because the first two changes of styles are shabby and poor but after that they get better and better and become much more seamless, I am extremely happy that I have learnt so much from this project. I was also able to do my first ever major fireworks display and all though there are moments in Times Square where the glow of the fireworks is a little to strong but I felt it worked well in the film. I also developed cut out mouth techniques in making the choir and I used what I had learnt and looked at the mistakes I made and developed my technique for my cut out animation. A good example of the mistakes were the disappearing eyes at the beginning and the black and grey that goes across there face randomly, these are not problems I faced in cut out purely because of the experience with animating the choir which was good as it shows that I did clearly learn a lot from making this film.

24- Cut out
This film ended up going well together and I am particularly pleased with the way the special guest turned out to be. The techniques for lip sync weren’t tested in the music video but I did know what not to do and I knew the things to avoid and because of those things I learnt I ended up with a much cleaner film and higher quality of lip synching. I also used new technique in Maya which was blend shapes which I used on the eyelids of three characters and on the mouth of the green character. I also thought about how to do split screens for the interview and how to exit the split screen this pushed me to learn how to export videos out of after effects with the alpha and that will come in great use in future films I make. The lip syncing works well I was also told by members of the class that the lip sync with mater was good and even maintained character that was unexpected as I didn’t think I could achieve that sort of lip sync but I was told that I did which makes me very happy. I was happy with the edit as it was complicated with the split screens and the logo. The film works well and the characters interact in a fluent and convincing manner and I am pleased with the way the audio goes together, the characters I am happy with as they are very likable and marketable especially the green character and the Canadian and the weather reporter. The main criticism I have that I hope to learn from is the timing on the news alert introduction I think I need to hold the last frames for about ten to twenty frames to just give it a bit of time to register with the viewer I think I need to give things like that a bit more time in future projects just to give them time to register, another example is when Mater leaves and the split screen is last I need to give it a bit more time to just let the audience register that mater is leaving and that the split screen is going away. That’s the main lesson from this project to take my time but it has also been useful to perfect some of the things I learnt in the music video like the cut out mouths. Overall I am thrilled with the final film I think it really did meet all my expectations and looking at this film in comparison to my first ever animation years agonies amazing because I believe this shows that I am learning at a faster and faster pace and it shows how much I learnt in the music video and how I am able to apply what I learnt to my future films to end up with better films that are much more professional.

This camp video was a success as the aim was to outline the plan of what we want to achieve in the set activity time, I was still working on improving my lip synching with a tongue and I felt i achieved that as well overall I am happy with the final results.

26-CPFS Radio
In this spin off I really wanted to catch the atmosphere of a radio studio so I had to improve my TV screens glow and the reflections on objects, I believe that I have done this with a much improved TV quality that glow convincingly and the glow hits other objects. The reflections feel right I believe I got the reflection to the point of expectations of the viewers overall I think I have ended up with a nice studio.

This is just a little project that I did so I had a good convincing countdown that I could use in my future projects in which I will need a countdown. I will be able to use it freely as it was made by me and it was a quick easy project for me.

28- Rocket
This was to test the smoke in dynamics of Maya and the outcome was okay but I ran out of time to render the smoke at the end. I was happy with the smoke in the end but the fire from the engines needs better glow from the fire and the smoke needs to be slowed down next time I use the particles emitter to create smoke.

29- Walk Perspective

30- Walk Side

31- Walk Still

32- The Message

Overall I am pleased with the final story of Keith and the theme of the short film but there are two big draw backs the first is the final render at the start it is darker and there seems to be a blue glow from the carpet which brings the film down. Second is the animation all though I am pleased with it, I feel as though the movement and the speed is too fast and it needs to be slowed down but I was fighting a time limit of one minute and even though the movement is fast I still went over the mistake was maybe choosing to do the film about a man that everyone perceives as boring and slow.

33- Design for society

I was thrilled with the outcome of the animatic I feel as though it tackles an important issue and I deal with the issue very well. We form a connection with Hanz which was the aim and part of what makes the film more powerful. I feel that the connection with the character was the most important thing. The outcome was very pleasing I liked the final render in Maya and problems I faced in the message I learned from and used it to improve with this. I also used depth maps for the first time to create atmosphere and that worked very well I felt.


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