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In my reflective journal I will look at and study different ideas about design and philosophies of design, I will then evaluate the lectures about design and what I have taken out of it and how I can apply it to my work and my design philosophy. I will also take what I have learnt and explore it in more detail after the lecture as I will be looking at books and internet sites and exploring the theories that I have heard about. I will write what I have found and will analyse exactly what I have found and what I can do with the extra information that I have found.

I have looked at a company called Ideo a design firm based in Ney York and their ideas and philosophies on design. There philosophy on design was to be practical and out going on research, They look at what people want and work from there to generate different ideas. I personally believe that this philosophy on design narrows what you can come up with as Steve Jobs said “It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” I would apply this to film and animation more than any other creative industries because a great film is a different film, a film that make the audience go wow I didn’t think of that. I think that in film there are times in which you have to surprise the audience and give them something that they didn’t think of not what they wanted. Another process that Ideo go through in the design process is leaving there desk and getting up to date data and knowledge of the consumer, this means going out and making your own surveys and looking what is out in the market at the moment. I would say that this partially applies to film but in many ways for example world events can affect your film for example early Bond films have Russian villains relating to the cold war so in those films it would be beneficial to leave the office and study world events, On the other hand for a film like UP (Pixar) went down to South America to study the landscape so sometimes it’s the environment that you have to study not situations, events or customers.

When you look at the Bauhaus and the way in which they saw design it seemed to be a lot mainstream and that would go with their work it was a lot more radical and wacky. In fact during a period of financial trouble they tried to become more mainstream and marketable. They did have a very sexist view on the world one professor was quoted as saying “no difference between the beautiful and the strong sex” The strong sex being pointed towards painting and carving and the beautiful sex being encouraged towards weaving. They did have more mainstream ideas towards design towards the end with the view that the ultimate aim is the completed building. The Bauhaus started off to be radical and out there but then there view on design became a lot more mainstream when the finances started to run dry. I believe that this proves the reality of design that the aim is to make and create something that is liked by the mass public so that they will buy it as it is the public that fund and inspire the future of design.

We looked at the importance of repeatability which means that you have the ability to repeat the creative process. I believe that this is true but more so when you are new to the industry as you have to make a name for yourself or you will fall out of it, You need to build the industry confidence in you and you can only do that if you have a steady stream of success and that comes from a ability for constant success. Another idea that we discussed was that innovation was a new idea that does hold true because innovation is a new product which is a totally new idea but it can also be a development of a product that is already out there and whether or not that can be classed as a new idea on an existing idea but I believe it is just a development of an idea and not actually a new one.
The idea that innovation is a series of small steps and not one big one which means that there is no big moment where an idea comes to you at little bits rather than one complete idea. Threw my experience although it is true you don’t come up with a complete and final idea, But you do come up with the backbone of a idea in one moment. In making films you don’t come up with the whole film in a moment and write the script in that moment but you can come up with the summary of story and the overall idea of a story and then after that one eureka moment from there it is a series of steps.
A persons ethics and beliefs are important to someone when they design a product or make an animation. A persons beliefs influence them on the films that they are party of and what is in the film. For example a Christian film director would create a different film to an atheist director if they are making a film about a story in the bible. Even if we don’t think about our beliefs and we don’t intentionally put our beliefs and opinions in our design I think that we do it without thinking about it. Ethics is just rules and standards that we set ourselves and everyone has different ethics and standards its is this that makes our work unique because in everything you are part of you put a little bit of yourself in it and a little bit of your own beliefs and opinions. Exploring other peoples ethics we discussed the time magazine with OJ Simpson and some people were saying that it was racists because they had demonized him and that was because of the colour of his skin. I strongly disagree with this because they didn’t do it because they were being racists they were doing it because of what he might or might not of done. They would have done the same thing regardless of the colour of the skin. The reason they did what they did was to tackle a key issue at the time and I don’t see a problem with what they did. This is an example on how peoples beliefs and ethics vary somewhere saying yes its racists and they would not of gone with the picture and others including me don’t see skin colour and don’t believe this is about skin colour but about what crime he had been charged with.
In the next lecture we explored what motivates animators and why they create animations. In this the lecturer was saying that the reason animators make films is because it is therapeutic and that they use it as a form of release. This is true for some animators but for me this is completely false because I make animations to entertain people and for people to enjoy. I also think that this is the mind set you need to make mainstream animations because people who use it as a way of therapy on difficulties they face and have faced tend to be quieted dark with very little room for audience relief for example we were shown a film about a little boy who lived on a rabbit farm that had to kill rabbits and the story was about him forming a bond with a rabbit and killing it. This was made on his life experience when growing up and it was very hard to watch because it was gruesome and the truth is that films made for therapeutic purposes are hard to watch because and times life is harsh and doesn’t work for a film. This idea of entertainment is important to famous director John Lasseter who said “I promise we will make films that entertain you the moment the lights go down. We’re making Disney the one place you have to work if you are an animator’ I say that what he is saying is the most important part of making a good film is make a film people want to watch and enjoy watching. I think that the most important part of making an entertaining film is that you enjoy it because the more you enjoy it the more you will do to improve the quality of it and the further you will go to make it special and the better the film will be, I think that pure enjoyment is the most important part of the production process.
We had a lecture on a propaganda I didn’t really get much from this lecture as I found it rather biased. The lecturer didn’t give an opinion on the propaganda that she showed us but the she only showed us one side of the arguments propaganda. For example she showed us Hamas propaganda that attack Israel but we didn’t see the posters and videos made by Israeli people showing their side of the argument so I felt that the lecturer failed to show the comparison of the arguments. I personally feel this lecture was more about the opinions of the lecturer rather than what motivates design. The main thing piece of propaganda was the lecture its self.
The final lecture was about post modernism first we discussed the idea that realities are subject to social constructs. I would agree with this because styles and trends change and they are controlled by new designs and what is seen as futuristic. I would say that more importantly we are controlled by design that is not seen as modern but futuristic, At the moment the future of design is seen as slick and small product that are smooth. I would say that this is evident when you see designs for “Cities of the future” and hover cars and accommodation on the moon why because even though this technology isn’t available yet we as a society are obsessed with the future and what might one day be possible.
There are also design philosophies of big companies first there is Pixar and one of the ideas is from John Lasseter and hat is art pushes technology and technology pushes art and that is something that I would strongly agree with because as technology improves more becomes possible in what can be achieved and there are much more styles and looks that you can achieve.
Walt Disney believed that film influenced young people’s lives as they see what is on the screen and it amazes them, I would agree to this in the idea that movie makers have a responsibility to regulate themselves in what they put in a movie but I don’t think that it is definitive, Not everyone who watches movies with violence leaves the cinema and wants to be violent but I think that on a slight level movies do influence and shape young children’s lives and it helps shape their ambitions and sometimes there beliefs.
Now to discuss my own personal beliefs and my ideas on design and the way that I work. First is style I have a lot of inspiration when it comes to the style of animation I work on and I also have limits. I would not do any eastern European style animation because I do not like the effect and the look. It is not mainstream and when I watch them I find them hard to follow and the style is not appealing to me. I find the style depressing and it comes down to an earlier as I find eastern European animations are made for personal relief where as American style animations like the Disney animation style are made for enjoyment, I strongly believe that is what animation is form, it is to create joy and to entertain the wider public. I am inspired by Disney animations and more appropriately the Pixar films as they are enjoyed on a mainstream level and they are believable, When you watch a Pixar film you are taken to a place where you believe what you are seeing is real as John Lasseter said ‘When you watch these films you believe that these characters are real and not pictures on a TV screen’ I can’t agree with that philosophy more and eastern European animation I don’t believe does that and when you lose the ability to create a relationship with the character you lose the ability to create a compelling story which is why I wouldn’t do an animation outside of the western (Disney, Pixar, Warner Bros, Dream works)
Then my own personal beliefs come into play although I would avoid particular topics because of my beliefs I wouldn’t put my beliefs in a film as to create subtle propaganda. Pete Docter said in an interview that he is a devote Christian but he doesn’t put his religious beliefs in his films because it blocks a story and it segregates the audience and it negatively effects the total target market.
So what motivates me to make animations, I start with how I was introduced to animation it was late and I was watching American Dad and it made me intrigued at how it was made and I looked into it and I started to attempt my own animations. My motivation was originally based on intrigue but then I feel in love with making films and creating characters and world of my own, I then began to chase perfection and improve the basic skills that I learnt. So then my source of motivation changed from intrigue to a desire to improve my skills and create better more detailed animations with stronger stories. As I got more into it and my skills did develop I realized that this is what I wanted to do and then dreams and ambitions grew I dream of moving to America and becoming a successful animator and hopefully one day becoming a director that makes films and TV shows or TV adverts. Now there are many motivations that I have when I make films firstly I maintain the belief that I can always improve and I am always looking to learn new things and push my skills to the next level. Secondly it is the desire for me to achieve my goals and turn my dreams an ambition into a reality. I have had a taste of the possibilities that animation can open up for me when I did Camp America and that only motivates me more to be the best that I can be and to try as hard as I possibly can. Thirdly I am driven by inspiration as I am inspired by the work of John Lasseter and Pixar as it excites me to see what is possible and it is a aim for me to achieve a quality that I am determined to hopefully one day achieve.

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Directors-Public Figures



Walt Disney

Arguable the most influential person in modern history with his work in the animation and film industry. He grew in Chicago in a poor family in went to France in 1919 to serve as a ambulance driver for the US army. During this time he made cartoon stripes and it was in this time he saw Neuschwanstein Castle which influenced Walt in the design of the Disney castle logo. After the war we went back and set up the business years of failure ended when he designed Mickey Mouse as the shorts were a huge success, He use the money to make his first feature length film (Snow White). When world war 2 began he gave up a large proportion of his studio to the US military to be used as a barracks and warehouse. During world war 2 the US government commissioned Disney to make anti Nazi propaganda the two main films he made were Der Fuehrer’s Face and Education for Death. After the war he carried on making films but he changed his focus away from making films & shorts and started plans to build a theme park themed on Disney movies and characters.

I am influenced by Walt for many reasons the first being that he broke out of a poverty stricken family to become one of the most popular and successful business men in history and he is proof that anyone can make it big, His rise to success was far from easy but he persevered and was rewarded greatly for that perseverance. Every now and again I ask myself can I make it, can I set up a company that will be a success I always seem to think of Walt Disney and say well he did it so why can’t I, That is the biggest impact he has had on me he proves that success is possible for those who go for it and work for it.

Another way he has influenced me is threw his film and short films that he and his company made. He won a record amount of awards winning seven Emmy Awards and twenty two Academy awards. He also won a honorary award for snow white and Walt Disney posing with that award is a hugely famous photo. My favourite thing about Disney films is that the story is so well told and this is shown in the film Pinocchio with the excellent charter work with the lovable character Jiminy Cricket.

John Lasseter

John Lasseter  the man you could call the modern day Walt Disney, There are a lot of similarities between the two, The main being they both drove for new and better technology. John Lasseter is best known for his push and work for CGI as he worked on the first CGI short films and the first CGI film. Before that though he worked at Disney in which he pushed for the company to develop computer animation but unfortunately the Disney executives did not have the same vision as Lasseter (Except Roy Disney Jr) so they decided to let him go as they saw him as a loose cannon. He went to Lucas film to develop technology in which he made The Adventures of Andrea and Wally B, After this George Lucas realised he could not fund a feature film so sold the division off as Pixar to Steve Jobs. At Pixar John developed Luxo Jr and many other short films up to 1995 in which his dream became reality and he made a full computer animated feature film (Toy Story) since then he has directed and worked on a lot of blockbuster animated films. In 2006 Pixar was sold to the Disney Studios  and Lasseter became Chief Creative Officer at the Disney Studios.

His main influence to me is the work he has done in CGI and the films that he has been a part of my personal favourite being the Cars films with its amazing scenery and storytelling. Like Disney, Lasseter is a born storyteller and his characters seem to be so real with great emotion and personality. The Love that Lasseter has for animation is also very influential because when you listen to him he makes you want to make your own films and your own characters so that you can build a relationship for them the same way he builds a relationship with all of his characters.

Pete Docter

An amazing Director and I actually prefer his films to anyone else’s and his characters that he has created. The films that he creates seem to capture the mood brilliantly and the best example of this is UP with music that captures the mood, Lift off the moment when the house leaves the ground and starts flying the music captures the calm sense of adventure in an unreal way. The lighting as well in the film is like an emotional roller coaster the mood is caught so well in the way the scenes are lighted, When they find out they cannot have a baby the lighting in that shot captures the mood so well with its low key light but the shot after Ellie’s funeral is high key but is feels like a low key scene because the shadows and the reflections are set up so well the detail of music and lighting that Docter puts in his films is stunning. Then Characters in his film are done so well the lovable duo Mike and Sully will live in the minds of films lovers forever, The lovable duo rewrote the way actor voice recordings are done, they usually are done at separate times but because of the relationship between the characters they recorded the actors together.

Andrew Stanton

He is an animator at Pixar and has directed two Pixar films, Wall-E and Finding Nemo and is working on the sequel to Finding Nemo called Finding Dory. A talented director that has worked on big projects at Pixar as he has been part of production on Toy Story films, Monsters Inc and Monsters University and many other great films. He has also done some of the voices in Pixar films, for example he did Evil Emperor Zurg from Toy Story and He does Fred from the film Cars. He won an Academy Award for screenplay on Toy Story 3.

Ollie Johnston

Ollie Johnston is one of the nine old men a group of famous animators from the early years at the Disney Studios. He worked on films like Snow White, Fantasia and Bambi and he very much part of the Disney style that we know and love today. Not only has his career at the Disney studio is influential but he also worked as a animation lecturer at Cal Arts and taught a class that included great animators/ directors like John Lasseter, Brad Bird and Tim Burton. He made a cameo appearance in the Incredible’s along with one of the other nine old men Frank Thomas. He was also awarded the National Medal of Arts by United States President George W Bush in 2005.

Matt Groening

Best known for creating The Simpsons he has also created the hugely popular TV show Futurama. He has influenced me through both Futurama and The Simpsons as I have always liked both shows as I found them hugely comical and topical. The Simpsons is a very odd show in the way that it is not really a specific genre as it is a comedy but it is also a drama and even sometimes it can feel as if it is a reality show, The characters seem so real and the relationships seem so genuine and it crosses all genres some episodes can be comedies others can be drama and some crime dramas. The flexibility of storylines that The Simpsons has is probably that it has been running for so long and they have got so many episodes from it. Then his other show Futurama might not be as successful as The Simpsons but it is still hugely popular and there are moments in Futurama that can live forever and those moments might be great and memorable but they are often the simple ideas like when Professor Farnsworth gets angry and goes to the ‘Angry Dome’ and we see him pacing in a dome at the top of the building as the spaceship takes off. It was a simple idea that I found very funny and that idea of simplistic comedy is very appealing to me and that is an occurring theme in Matt Groening’s work.



New York

A city that is known worldwide as the city that never sleeps and the city where the pavements are paved with gold. Then you have the city itself the harbour is the home for the symbol of freedom and liberty with the Statue of Liberty standing on Liberty Island. You also have Times Square one of the most famous locations in the world with its famous advertising and busy streets. It is an icon for modern day New York City with all of the new technology and the use of it in TV. Disney Infinity when launching used Times square to talk to the news shows, They went on Fox & friends on Fox News and Good Morning America on ABC to play the game on the ground and hooked it up to the screens to play the game live on TV on the screens on Times Square. In Lower Manhattan you have Wall Street the heart of the American Economy and the symbol for the free market and capitalism. Then Central Park is a location used in many films such as Die Hard 3 and Home Alone 2. In film The city has been used in the animated film series Madagascar as the home of the animals and they have great love for the city. Then you have Grand Central station probably one of the most famous train stations in the world and the skyline which has become an icon for the city with its unprecedented skyscrapers.


The city on water has some amazing  historical building including Saint Marks Square with the famous tower. The Grand Canal is something amazing it is a water version of a motorway with it packed full with boats and has its own lanes. There are many historical and famous things to see in Venice like the Gondolas and the boat lanes and the building that are hundreds of years old, You also have the Rialto Bridge and San Marco. If you ever want to make a film set in roman or medieval times you can go to Venice and have a look at the architecture there because Venice truly is a real life history book as they have kept the historical building and have even maintained the traditional culture with many festivals that have been going for hundreds of years.


A great city that is extremely modern and new because in world war 2 Munich was bombed and most of the old buildings were bombed and the city was rebuilt. There are many buildings in Munich that are visually stunning and demonstrate modern technology, The Allianz Arena the home to Bayern Munich is a visually stunning football ground that not only lights up but changes colour from and alternates between Red White and Blue. The Olympic park with it amazing roof designs and the tower has become an icon for the site and the City. Munich is Europe’s city of the future with so many buildings and designs that challenge technology and pushes modern technology to the absolute limits. It is also a city that is used to celebrate Germanys car industry with it being the home of many car museums including the BMW museum near the Olympic park.

Neuschwanstein Castle

This is the castle was built by a made king called Ludwig that had an obsession with design and building castles. This castle is the inspiration for Walt Disney’s sleeping beauty castle and is the inspiration for the Disney logo castle. When you go there you feel as if you are stepping into a Walt Disney movie it really does have that look and that feel that I Disney movie has. It makes an appearance in the Disney movie Planes that was released 2013 and in that movie it again is stunning to look at. When you go there it is much more than a castle because when you go up to it you are met with some amazing views of the nearby lake and countryside. It is a location that feels and looks magical. It is on top of a mountain and the road up to the castle is very much like you would imagine it to be in a Disney movie, When walking up you can almost see the horse and carriage go up along with you and it is a location that gets your imagination out of control.


I would love going to Blackpool with the Pleasure beach, The Tower and the Trams would give me great enjoyment. I used Blackpool tower in my first ever animation back in year ten and the trams have always amazed me as they use to use the original trams from the beginning of the century. It has been a big influence as it has pushed me to look into designing piers and rollercoaster’s for my animations as I know that they can be amazing things that can make the visuals that a film has and improves them greatly. I have also used the tower and the Pepsi max in animations I made while doing media in high school.


I wouldn’t say I love London and when I go there it isn’t a place that impresses me greatly but it is a location that has influenced me because of the way it is presented in films & TV. even though I don’t love the city it’s a city that seems to be represented in film brilliantly like in Cars 2 it comes across as a completely different city I seem to see it in a different light when it is on the big screen, Everyone seems to admire London and when I see it in films I see it threw their eyes rather than my own, So although London may not influence me directly the way it is presented to me in the media does. When The Simpsons goes to London I find everything to be much more appealing to me and it seems a much better city. It is this that makes me want to have a future animated film that I make to be set in London because when ever London is used as a location it works so well. My favourite representation of London is in Cars 2 as they make it such a likeable city and they really enhance the major sites like Buckingham Palace and Big Ben and they enhance the beauty of the city.  They also capture the traditional red buses and telephone boxes in a way that I cannot express.


The United States is a country that has both influenced me and inspired me greatly in my work but also in my objectives and goals in life. It is the country of opportunity and the land of prosperity with so many success stories one of which being Walt Disney and the Disney Studios. But you also have the American type of animation which is defiantly my favourite style and way of doing it, American animation I would describe it to be impossible things that are brought to life threw animation to make it look and feel real. Pixar films for example are impossible they could never happen but we are made to feel as if they are real and that they really did happen. Then you have the ideas such as the American Dream which is the idea that anyone can make it and be successful through hard work and determination. I am also fascinated by US history like and I would love one day to create a animated movie that captures 1700’s New England with new towns and cities being built up from nothing. I also find the buildings to be very easy on the eye and they are designs that have always appealed to me greatly. This is era of history is not visited greatly in animation but when it was done in Futurama it interested me greatly because the time and place has always appealed to me. But modern America influences me as well, I am fascinated by the culture and the beliefs. I see America as the home of liberty and freedom which is why I think there film and TV industry is so successful because of the freedom to say what they want to say in their films and TV shows, The American TV and film industry has that freedom to tackle topical issues this is proven in shows such as The Simpsons and Modern Family in which they tackle key topical issues.



TV & Film


American Dad

American dad is probably one of the most significant TV shows I’ve seen because it was while watching American Dad I questioned how animations were made and I went to look for an animation software to give it a go and since that day animation has become my greatest passion. Although growing up I watched a great verity of animated TV shows that now doubt made me wonder how and gave me a passion for the industry it was American Dad that gave me the push to go and make animations of my own. It was this show that made me realise that making animations was in fact a career chose and that I could make a good living from doing it. American Dad also has one of my favourite TV characters which are Roger the alien and Stan the boss of the household, I found both characters extremely charismatic and funny in the show. But even though my favourite characters are in American Dad my two least favourite characters are in the show I do not like Hayley and Jeff.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons is I believe the show that proofs that animation is for all ages and not just children because this is the TV show that all ages seem to like and have positive comments about. I remember watching it as a child and it being the must watch TV programme and even today I watch it every day on channel four, This is the one show that I have never got bored off from being a young child to this day. It is one of the few shows that does not have a single character that I dislike as the characters are presented in such a likable way. The characters all have their purpose and they are very efficient in the roles on the show. The wide range of personalities keeps the show fresh as you have characters like Moe and Sideshow Bob that are completely different but because of this wide range of characters it keeps it fresh as they can very easily change the focus of each programme. The show is very often very relatable as a typical family facing typical problems in a humorous way. It taps into the stereotypical American family and that makes the show much more likable and it is inspiring to think how The Simpsons is at the very top of TV and or the length it has been there. The show has maintained its fresh storylines and has over the years looked into the lives of all the characters.

Toy Story

The first feature length computer animated film in history and it was directed by Pixar legend John Lasseter. Toy Story is the forefront of Pixar films in the same way that the Shrek films are the best DreamWorks films. But Toy Story is the franchise that has broken the animation records as the first film was the first full computer animated film in history, Then Toy Story 2 was not meeting expectations so nine months before the release date most of the film was chucked away and redone in that nine months. Not only that the film surpassed the first film and it is rare for a sequel to surpass the first film.  Then Toy Story 3 was the first animated film to surpass the $1billion mark in revenue and it is the eleventh highest grossing film of all time. It made more revenue than the two films before added together which truly is an amazing mark for the film. It is also the first animated sequel to be nominated as best picture at the academy awards and it is the third animated film in history to be nominated the success of Toy Story 3 is unprecedented.


One of my favourite films I found it absolutely mind boggling the sets, shots and storyline, I found the stadium scenes and the shots of radiator springs are inspiring, it’s like standing on a real mountain and looking over a real valley it was very detailed and the scene was so open, The stadiums felt real you could feel the atmosphere of the crowds and you can feel the height of the stands in the stadium. Then you can feel the fact that the animators went the extra mile when animating the races because it feels so real it is actually like watching a real race in real life you don’t think your watching an animation made on the computer because it is so realistic. The realism and detail in the cars films are truly inspiring to any one interested in computer animation.

Modern Family

One of the biggest comedies in America it has been hugely successful with its look at modern family life and the relationships that modern families face. It is in the format of a reality show that makes it seem much more real. It is revolutionary in the way that it works as it takes the idea of creating a real family to the next level. They even do private interviews with the characters to make it seem more like a reality show than a comedy. There is one family with three sections the main is the Dunphy household with and in that they look at the cool dad and the hyperactive son and that creates memorable comedy situations. Then the other two sections are Mitch and Cam and Jay and Gloria which look at more complicated relationships and tackle issues that are faced in modern society.

Saving Mr. Banks

The film that looks at Walt Disney’s successful attempt to make the book Mary Poppins into a film and the challenge he had convincing the author of the book P.L.Travers. It is a movie that at times is moving and sad but moments that are happy and funny it is a clever interpretation of the troubles that Walt faced. It captures the character of Walt Disney perfectly it even covered the fact that Walt never smoked in public because he hated to be seen promoting bad habits. I find this inspirational because it covers a person I admire so much the person and looks at his personality. Not only that but the movie is hugely entertaining and is one of the best live action movies I have seen in a long time.





Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell in my opinion is one of the best actors with his amazing track record of roles. He has proved his dedication to the role he plays with his incredible public campaign for the second anchorman movie, In which he went to news networks and actually did anchoring on real news programmes in which he kept character in improvising live on TV, This shows the skill that Will Ferrell could do this live on TV. Then he has done the so many other great movies like The Campaign and a brilliant voice role in the animated movie Mega mind in which he plays the good/bad guy hero villain character called mega mind. So has Will Ferrell influenced me he has influenced me threw his fantastic work in comedy and the way in which he makes people laugh. He is a man that likes to work with exaggeration a good example of this is his role as lovable anchor Ron Burgundy. it is also the way he can work live and improvise like when he made appearances on the news networks and at ESPN and also the hilarious performances in the Oscars and other awards.

Bruce Willis

He is Hollywood’s hard man best known for playing the tough New York cop John McLane in the movie franchise Die Hard. he has also starred in such films like the Expendables alongside Schwarzenegger, Stallone, they are all business partners in the firm planet Hollywood. He has played roles in Red and G.I Joe but he has influenced me most in the film Die Hard as I found him to be exceptional in his performances as the tough New York cop. I have found him to be a great action hero actor and has been a great asset to all the films he has starred in.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger the Austrian immigrant that has done it all from acting, business and even been the governor of California. To start his acting career which has been exceptional by any ones standards. He was the star of the Terminator movies which is not my favourite of his movies, I found him impressive in the movie Kindergarten Cop as he really stepped out of his usual genre and played a hard cop that had to adopt the role of a more sensitive role as an undercover cop in a school where he had to be a kindergarten teacher. Then after he served as California governor he returned to film with a film called The Last Stand which is a perfect mixture of comedy and action and he fits into the role so well even after the long break from acting. But Schwarzenegger did much more he overcame his famous Austrian accent to become a US politician and became the governor of California. He has had many successful businesses including Planet Hollywood which he did with other Hollywood great actors like Bruce Willis.

Rowan Atkinson

Atkinson set his career off with the hugely successful Blackadder in which he played the star of the show Blackadder. But he is best known for playing the lovable idiot Mr Bean in which he found world fame, They have animated shows and live action TV shows of Mr Bean and then he went on to star in two very funny movies. But he has played the moronic MI6 agent in Johnny English and in that he put a performance in which he was the star of both of the movies. He also starred in the unofficial James Bond movie Never Say Never Again and was a support role in the first Scooby Doo live action movie. I find the work Atkinson does influential with his great verity of facial expressions and the fact that he can make sentences with his expressions he can say something with the emotion on the face.

Vince Vaughn

Vince Vaughn is a massive actor that has played in a verity of big comedy movies like Anchorman and Fred Clause. He has been in The Internship but he has also played a role in Jurassic Park which is a massive franchise and movie.  Vince Vaughn seems to get his comedy threw playing arrogant but likeable characters the best example is Fred Clause.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks is an unbelievable talent that has starred in pretty much every genre from action movies to documentary movies. He played a world war 2 US army officer in the movie Saving Private Ryan which was a action war movie, But has played Walt Disney in the documentary film Saving Mr Banks just looking at these two films you can see the flexibility Tom Hanks in his roles. Tom Hanks is also one of the most famous animated characters there are as he is the voice to the Toy Story legend Woody the famous cow boy that is the lead of Andy’s room. Tom Hanks is influential to me because he is proof that you don’t have to stick to one role and one genre he has done comedies, drama and action movies.



Directors/Public Figures


Steven Spielberg

Spielberg is easily part of the Hollywood royalty crowd with his work on some massively successful films like E.T. He has directed Saving Private Ryan, Jurassic Park and my personal favourite Lincoln based on the former US president, and the fight against slavery. He has worked on the film series Back To The Future as the producer and was praised by the legendary director Alfred Hitchcock. Then he is a hugely successful business men as he is one of the people that founded the hugely successful film company DreamWorks. He has won 126 award from 231 nominations including 3 Oscars, 7 golden globes and 11 Emmy awards.

Alfred Hitchcock

Hitchcock one of the best directors in history and is known for being the master of suspense. He was a director of true classic films from North By North West and Psycho and many other great films that he was part of. He has had a film that was based on him called Hitchcock which was released in 2012 and was directed by Sacha Gervasi. He also made a film that was done in one continuous shot and this had many problems as the technology at the time only aloud around 10 minutes of film but he used the technique shadow splice were they would go into a show to change the film.

Brad Bird

He studied at Cal Arts and that was when he met animation legend John Lasseter and it was this relationship that lead to Brad Bird directing the Pixar films The Incredible’s and then Ratatouille. He also directed the 2D animated film The Iron Giant that looks at a young boys relationship with a giant metal space robot.

Donald Trump

The famous American business man that has pretty much done everything in the world of business. He has gone into the housing market made skyscraper hotels has his own perfume brand and clothing lines. He has also made golf courses for his business he is a man that knows how the business world works. He is a hugely intelligent business man that seems to know the way things work. He is the star of the USA version of The Apprentice and in this you see his passion for business and what he has built.

(This was written in 2013 before he insulted 90% of the worlds population)

Eric Bolling

He was brought up in poverty in the city Chicago and he was a successful baseball player and at the beginning of a promising career he was injured and he had to leave baseball. After this he became a commodities trader in New York City where he had a massively successful career and was named in the top 100 traders in the magazine Traders Monthly in 2005-2006. This raised awareness of networks and is now a successful career as a columnist and TV host giving advice on the markets and the economy. Bolling is living proof that no matter how many setbacks you may face in life you can overcome them and still become successful.  He is also well known for his kindness and is known to donate a lot of his wealth to charities of a wide range he has earned his success and he is a role model in how much he gives to charity.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is known to be the head and founder of the tablet and technology company Apple. But he also is a co founder and investor in the animation company Pixar and when he sold Pixar to Disney he became a member of the board at Disney studios. He was part of two major successes in the business world and both of his companies have had a big impact on my life you have Pixar the company that helped develop computer animation and have made some of my all time favourite films and is my favourite film studios. Then Apple I see their products to be easy to use and they have so many features that cannot be matched by other companies there’s nothing quite like an Apple Tablet or phone.






Pixar is a hugely successful company animation studios that specialises in computer animation, It is the company that introduced the art form to the masses with the early short films but more so with the popular film Toy Story. Pixar is one of the only film studios to have a one hundred percent record with every film being a blockbuster and with them all making a massive profit. Pixar could be called the home of computer animation as it was there staff that perfected the computer software in the 1980’s and 1990’s. You are reminded of their early work and the importance of it when you see a Pixar film as their opening sequence involves the Luxo lamp from the short film Luxo JR.


One of the most popular names in the world Disney and it is the 17th most valuable company in the world. It is the home of the most recognisable characters in the film and TV industry Mickey mouse the first Disney mega success is still as famous today. Disney has so many classic films in animation and live action two examples are Mary Poppins and Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs. Even today they make great films like Wreck It Ralph and Pirates of The Caribbean with memorable characters like Jack Sparrow and the delusional dog Bolt.

DreamWorks Animation

DreamWorks Animation is a branch from DreamWorks that specialises in animation over the years they have had some successes but other movies that will not go down in film history. A example of their success is the Shrek movies all of them are successful and the franchise has been welcomed by film lovers as one of the best certainly in animation. They are also responsible for the Madagascar films which again have been very popular and well reviewed.


It is the most valuable company in the world and it is no wonder as they are the company that developed the Iphone and Ipad. They show a lot of initiative in their ideas and are extremely creative in the way they go about the designs. You could argue that Apple brought touch screen tablet and phones to the masses as they proved that it could be done and when done properly it is much better.

Universal Studios

Universal have done a lot of the major success in the film industry they are the backing behind the Harry Potter franchise which is the most profitable film franchise in history. It has also been involved in the Johnny English films and a lot of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost films which include Paul and the police thriller Hot Fuzz. In animation it has made the two Despicable Me films and has done the movie Ted that was directed by Seth MacFarlane.


Sony is a company that focuses on technological goods like TV’s, phones and consoles their biggest success has to be the play station. Sony also have a film studios and have recently made The Smurfs and Spiderman films and have made many great movies



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