Camp: Technology policy


I was contacted by summer camp owner Dave Schiff to make a film that is humorous whilst informing campers and parents about the camp policies concerning technology at camp.


The first part will take part in a cartoon 3D office built in Maya and then it will go onto a 2D informative section and then that goes into detailed 3D animation and after that it goes back into the cartoon 3D office.

Short synopsis

This film starts in an office with the two camp directors discussing what went wrong over the previous summer. That then leads onto them starting to discuss technology and ways to combat that. Some of these suggestions are comical and this leads to one director making a film. When he finishes the film we watch it with the other director, This section is very informative and serious. After the film the other director said he sort to find his own solution revealing one last punch line joke.



The office will be the main set and it will be reminiscent of Mr Burns office from The Simpsons to create a comical comparison between Mr Burns and Smithers with the directors of the camp.



JD – A joint owner of camp he will take the role of the man in charge he will be making references to Mr Burns in the relationship with camp co owner Dave.


Dave – Dave as the other owner will take the assistant to JD he will be the voice of reason trying to lead JD down the sensible road, The Smithers of the two he will also indulge in JD’s ideas.


To show the camp director how these models will be used and how I will animate them I put together a very short and basic walk cycle which took about two three minutes.


Big Bird- The character created by JD as a way to keep the campers in line, this character is based on camper relations specialist at camp who is in charge of making sure the campers are happy and enforcing the rules he also is the director campers hand their phones and tablets to at the beginning of camp. I went down two design options the first was to have a beak where is mouth is and big hair that emulates that of the character big bird and then the more human look that follows the real persons facial features and hair line, it was decided to go with the more human face because he was going to be yellow and have the bird legs which was enough of a link to the cartoon character so we needed something to lock onto the camp director.



Phone – This character just illustrates what happens to the phone if it is brought to camp and how the campers won’t be able to have access to their devices.


Walk cycle

Dave and Big bird walk cycle’s, I did do some before these but they just didn’t look quite right so I took it to my lecturer and he suggested that the heel needs to contact the ground first, I did this then he suggested to exaggerate the key points more and now I am happy with what I have.

This is the phone walk cycle, I wanted a walk that is possible I wanted it to be a phone I didn’t want it to have legs or arms.

Banner2 Character fun2


  • JD and Dave are discussing tou magic 15
  • They talk about what went well an what went wrong and JD is giving comical responses
  • The two start talking about how campers are using phones and other devices
  • JD talks about possible solutions
  • Dave points out problems to these solutions
  • JD suggests he ‘releases the hounds on the disobedient’ (Mr Burns reference)
  • Dave points out he cant do that
  • JD suggests he releases something else and asks Dave’s advice
  • Dave passes off a comment about a birds
  • JD takes it seriously and talks about how he could mutate a human like bird
  • Dave interrupts by suggesting a informative film for parents and campers may be a more appropriate solution.
  • JD waits for Dave to leave and picks up the phone
  • We fade to a time change screen
  • We fade back in to show JD sat at his desk
  • A knock is followed by Dave entering with a TV
  • JD asks to watch the film
  • We look at TV as film plays




Voice over done by Dave

  • We start with the problems and distractions electronic devices cause
  • We then talk about devices that are welcome at camp and devises that aren’t ok
  • The iphone stays on screen and comes into a 3D background
  • A hand comes in and picks up the phone and puts it in a bag and takes it away
  • The phone comes jumping back into the screen as he is released (The end of camp)
  • The phone looks back and asks not to be brought to camp because he doesn’t like being locked away.

I was thinking we get a random councillor to do the voice of the phone and we offer 5 or 10 tou bucks or something just to add a little fun for the campers


Punch line


  • Cut back to JD looking unhappy
  • Dave asks what’s wrong with the film
  • JD looks at him and says it wont keep the campers ‘in line’
  • Dave asks how you keep campers in line
  • JD suggests they need someone or something the campers fear
  • Dave asks how he would do that
  • JD tells him that he took his suggestion and created a vicious creature that will scare the campers in to behaving
  • He unveils the creation
  • A door opens and unveils a large bird human creature
  • Dave looks at JD in confusion as he asks what it is
  • JD smirks saying it is his own creation and says he shall call his creation big bird
  • Dave looks back at door in disbelief
  • Big bird jumps out shouting ‘Let me take a selfie’ pulling out a phone
  • Cut to shock on Dave’s face as we see Big Bird jumping about in the background taking selfies
  • Big Bird jumps next to Dave and says ‘Let’s take a selfie’ after the selfie he types on his phone as he says ‘Hashtag Disney trip’
  • Big bird moves away taking selfies as Dave turns to JD in shock and say ‘sir you’ve created a monster’
  • JD leans forward and screen darkens as he says ‘Excellent’






This scene is very cartoon and is suppose to be reminiscent of Mr Burns office from The Simpsons.




Camp world

My idea was to create an entire world based on camp and activities that camp are known for. The point of this whole film is that taking technology to camp is detrimental to the camp experience because it distracts the user and doesn’t allow them switch off from the outside world. So the idea of having a world of camp being turned by the no phone sign seemed like the logical way to visually get the message across. The no phone sign also allows a smooth transition into the next section where the phone pops out and explains what will happen to him if he is taken to camp.



I initially built the world in illustrator but when I did this I realised that the scene would be too big to animate in flash so I took these drawings that I made in illustrator took them to photo shop and prepared put them with alpha channels to use in Maya.


The improvements requested were as follows: Maine sign on bridge, Sign on Logan airport, Bus and Plane (explained later), Decorate rec hall in college league banners.

My improvements are as follows: Waterskiiers on lake, Campers playing basketball, Color war sign between rec hall and office.



Once built and put together in Maya this was the final look of the world.


Plane and bus

When putting this idea to the camp directors they requested that I design the bus and plane in maroon and grey which are the camp colours and to incorporate the camp logo on the vehicles.