Character designs


A proper cockney he is happy an content with who he is and is always willing to give his opinion on everything. He glides in the wind and soars up high he lives a free life of adventure, He wont leave the city though because he loves London its his home and part of who he is.


Upper2 Upper3 Upper4 Upper5


A quick concept drawing for a little walk cycle that I needed to do for university. He has loose and baggie clothing so that I could test ncloth clothing. There are three versions of this design the original concept drawing.


The more detailed drawing with the 360 that I put in the computer and cleaned up in Photoshop to have him in colour.



Then the 3D model I made in Maya that is the detailed and rigged version.


Peter the pencil

A very cocky character that lives in school, he can be very cheeky and likes playing tricks the one that is his favourite is talking and then watching the teacher tell the student off. He has a sense of importance where he feels that he is above all the other stationary.


Peter1 Peter2


The carnival business was great for him as he loves playing but is also a bit of a prankster as he is part of the whack a mole game and just loves jumping back in the whole when the kids got a whack him with the plastic hammer. He also pulls pranks on his work colleagues.




Flopper3 Flopper5


Tin can man

Just a fun little idea of a robot that is very rugged and stiff, He has trouble moving and can be clumsy knocking things down and breaking objects. He is very lonely because society has rejected him because they see him as useless and pointless and out dated piece of machinery.

 2-Tin Can Man



A sneaky character that gets his own way and he can be very sly with the way he goes about this. He is very cultured and enjoys painting he can be seen as a bit of a snob to other characters because he looks down his nose at people who don’t have the same appreciation to art.


Groovy Gambi

A New York state man he has the Italian American charm and is extremely stylish he is a fashion icon to the other insects it sets trends. A very relaxed character he likes to dance and is very popular amongst the people that he knows very few people dislike him.

4-Groovy Gambi


A joker and very popular amongst other people he is a leader and not a follower using his charm and humour to win people over. He is very relaxed and layed back with people never the one to force himself into games and never getting annoyed.



An ancient worm king from a planet called Catopia he is extremely self confident and has very high demands from his subjects, A problem as he is self centred and stuck up not popular on his home planet but no one will ever tell him what they think out of fear what he will do.


Gary Goldberg

From under the sea he sells fast fish cars to the very high members of society he is very quick and can spring up anywhere there is a sale to be had. Very musical and confident so he fits right in when his clients invite him to high end dances and meet ups.

7-Gary Goldberg


Another member of under the sea community she goes to school and gets bullied about her size to put it nicely she is a bit of a whale. The bullying has caused a lot of resentment and anger towards the other students and she can be very heavy handed in her response to the bullying.



He is from the valleys in South Wales and has a very strong distinctive Welsh accent. He works hard and is extremely grumpy, he doesn’t laugh at jokes and has no social life other than getting drunk down a very dark and miserable pub.



This guy is tough in the US Army he is extremely strong and from Texas that leaves him with a very affirmative voice. He is brave and is excellent under pressure but behind all this he is a great guy who is extremely kind and always willing to give a help in hand to someone in need.


Lilly LOL

A lollipop that is stuck in the ground she spends her days flirting with passers buy she has some very good chat up lines and is swift. An up beat character she is always trying to cheer the passers by up with good jokes and up beat songs (Unfortunately she cant sing)

11-Lilly Lol


A quite little boy who is very funny when he speaks he has a way with words that he doesn’t have to keep talking. Very calm and always is relaxed even in high pressure situations, A popular kid liked by everyone he known as being the ‘cute kid’.



A retired Granny she is moody and bitter about what she sees as her ‘wasted life’, she blames the children she looked after for this so has a strong dislike of any child, she is tempered which the local children play on that as they like to annoy her and they get away with it because everyone knows her as the angry woman.



A real old school cow boy living out on a ranch in the middle of know where he wears cowboy cloths and rides horses to go shooting. This rugged traditional man lives off the land and is extremely trigger happy with trespassers and animals.



A kind alien that wouldn’t harm a fly he is very sweat and has the innocence of a very young child, He can be quite awkward in social situations, as he doesn’t always know how to deal with it. A very soft voice and is often hard to hear because he is shy and doesn’t like talking.



This up beat strawberry can be seen as that annoying guy who is way to happy and up beat, Always jumping around and singing really annoying repetitive songs that the rest of us asking what are you talking about.



A car ornament he is a joker that isn’t funny but just annoying he just doesn’t know when to stop talking even when he is put into the glove box he still keeps on going. He keeps on getting sold to knew owners because they get fed up off him and just want to get rid off him.



A thief he breaks into peoples homes and steals there stuff, but also is lethal on the streets as he is a master pick pocket he goes to events like comic con so he can dress up in masks his favourite being the ninja costume so that if he is caught no one can look at his face.



The IPhone is where I got the idea from Meet Dic but this phone has stick legs and arms and has a full mouth in the screen. The eye is only the size of the camera and that’s it. He is extremely clever and knows the answer to pretty much any question, a bouncy happy character that loves life and enjoys his job of helping people communicate to each other.



A female snail that lives in the garden is a kind character that loves helping tiny insects the biggest draw back is she is very slow. Loved by the insects and no enemy’s she loves her home and neighbours and enjoys munching on the vegetables in the green house.



A charismatic news anchor from Chicago he is well spoken and very professional in his career but in day to day life he is actually quite a dim person but he uses his charisma to charm people.



A happy little ocean dweller he is rather large and clumsy always knocking this over and bumping into other sea life he is a positive character always trying to look on the bright side of life. He moves about in an elegant and seamless manner it is almost like dancing the way that he floats and spins around the place.



Jack is very clever and has a lot of knowledge about technology, as he owns his own shop selling some of his inventions. He has a keen interest in inventing products that help in day-to-day life like cleaning and cooking. But he is very tight with money and always cutting corners on his inventions and the materials he uses which means a lot of his inventions go wrong very badly wrong.



The snake of the sea because he slithers around sneaking up on his pray spying on them so he can catch as many other fish as he can. He loves eating and often hangs around areas with high levels of food, he loves the catch as much as he loves the reward.



A simple character that leads a simple life that he is content with as he doesn’t have any ambition or dreams mainly fuelled by the fact that he holds a very low IQ. He is slow to catch onto jokes that are made and struggles to keep up with conversations this is a guy who is always three steps behind every one else.



One of area 51’s aliens he is incarcerated in the base but is free to move freely he can cause a lot of trouble as he is extremely hyper active and thick so he jumps about and moves quickly without thinking which is not a very good combination when you are in a highly secretive military base.



As you can imagine he doesn’t like his job but who would if they were roll on diode rant, he feels trapped by his lack of manoeuvrability and this causes depression on a big scale, He doesn’t hide his discontent for life with the people and objects around him, he hates life and everyone knows it.



Young and very athletic his favourite sport is soccer as he can jump down the field and has one of the best shots in the history of the school. He stands out from the crowd and is extremely popular in school he has a massive talent in gymnastics although that is not where his heart lies, A kind gentle person that is the person at school who is friends with everyone.






This is a I.T nerd he loves his computers and knows everything about them he is socially awkward as he can only have a full and confident conversation with some one when the topic is computers. Very clever he was bullied at school, which leaves him nervous when it comes to leaving the house.


Larry the Light bulb

Larry is a happy little guy that enjoys company and is very much liked by people who know him, he really does light up peoples day with his humour and kindness always giving complements and making people feel good about them selves a true joy to be around.

32-Larry the Lightbulb




As you would expect from a Dictaphone he is an excellent listener and is very quite, He is always good to be a pair of ears for the other characters to let of steam with and talk to about there problems. He always has the answer because of his years of listening he has become a wise product.



Quick and bouncy a up beat character that loves moving and staying active he seems to be on a sugar rush most of the time. He laughs and he smiles he is always to busy playing and being boisterous to get annoyed angry or sad.



A small evil little guy with dark thoughts you do not want to come across him because he can be ruthless. This character is the example of pure evil he likes causing problems and getting people into trouble for things he does. There is nothing he likes more than framing people for crimes he commits.



He comes across as very nice and gentle but this is just him being deceptive as he is a liar and extremely untrustworthy, He befriends people so he can steal from them and then lies and makes the victim of his crimes feel guilty for suspecting him.


Professor Jeff

A clever and dedicated astronaut desperate to solve some of the great questions about outer space and the stars. There’s nothing more he likes then doing practical science and going into space and having the feeling of weightless ness.

38-Prof Jeff


A mechanic that knows his way around an engine but nothing else he is always getting lost and trying to find his way around places. He never asks for directions and these results in him getting lost a lot even to places he goes to a lot can confuse him.



Lou the dopey duck that bumps into things and waddles around randomly he is loved by the kids in the park because he is always there to be fed and is always going up to them. 



Name: Legless Luke
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Birthplace: London, United Kingdom
Education: The Kings Naval School Portsmouth
Occupation: Pirate
Current home: Ship
Catchphrase: “Shiver me timber leg”
Features: Wooden Leg, Golden Tooth, Black eye patch with pirate symbol & a bottle of whiskey in hand or pocket.

Back-story: He grew up training to be a first mate in the British Navy, His father was a captain in the Navy and was killed by pirates. On a trip he was shocked with the lack of action he was getting so staged a robbery on the captain and deserted, He then got a crew together and stole a ship and took it to the high seas to loot and rob trade ships and docking at ports to steal supplies, He caught his leg and tore it off in machinery at the port. This has caused a fear of dry land and he never leaves the ship, He paces in the captains quarters when ever heading to a port and the wooden leg walking on the planks echoes threw the ship.

Reason for desertion: He joined the navy to take revenge for his father but when the ship he was on for months had no experience with pirates he had to do something so he faked the robbery so that he could find his father’s killer from inside the pirating circle.




Name: Michael Eric Bush
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Lamesa, Texas
Religion: Christian
Politics: Tea Party
Education: The King’s College (New York, New York City)
Occupation: Small businessman, Owns a all American Diner
Current home: Forest Park, Ohio, USA
Catchphrase: “Well shake me down, give me a little tickle and cover me in buttermilk”
Features: Cow Boy hat from the family Ranch, A stars and stripes pin on his clothes.

Mother- A proudly independent lady who works and helps with the running of the Ranch, It is the mother that gave Michael the inspiration to go to university and study business as he always admired his mothers business initiative.
Father- Born on a Ranch and will die on a Ranch, He has spent his life working on his family’s ranch and now owns it, He was shocked when his son went to New York and set up a Diner in Ohio as it meant that he couldn’t leave the family ranch to his son and will have to give it to his Niece.

Youth: His childhood was fairly normal he grew up on the family Ranch and helped with the animals, When he came home instead of doing his Maths homework he would sit with his mum and help with business ideas and finances, This is where his love of business came from.

Moving reasons: He always wanted to study business so university was a given, New York was so different to his life on the Ranch and the perfect opportunity to try something new and have an adventure of his own, In New York he met Sarah and when she got her job in Ohio he went with her and set up a business in their new home town.

Name: Sarah Brook
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Birthplace: New York, New York City
Religion: Agnostic
Politics: Democrat
Education: New York University (New York, New York City)
Occupation: Elementary school teacher
Current home: Forest Park, Ohio, USA
Catchphrase: “God darn Country boy”
Features: Light pink jacket over a sky blue T-Shirt, Solid Gold bracelet with graving saying “Sarah”

Mother- A kind woman who has been an inspiration to Sarah and influences her and is constantly giving her daughter advice, She does like Sarah’s husband.
Father- A hard working man who has gone from job to job after leaving the US army. When her daughter went to university he achieved his dream and bought and moved to a ranch in Louisiana. Although he likes Sarah’s husband he will never admit it and is always questioning things that he does.
Brother- Lost contact with Sarah, he was in a Brooklyn gang and got injured in a fight, now he is in hiding and has no contact with his family.

Youth: A hard up bringing in the streets of Brooklyn, She lived in one home before going to university and moved to lower Manhattan.

Moving reasons: After she met her future husband she got a job in a Elementary school in Ohio as a teacher.


Relationship Details

Met: 3/09/2009
Proposal: 2/02/2012
Wedding: 10/07/2012
How the couple met: The two met while studying in New York City at the same time. They met in Times Square and the relationship flourished from there, This is a case of opposites that have attracted to each other.


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