Meet Dic


We meet a grooving Dictaphone that has a bounce in his step and loves to party. We get to know him as he introduces us to his friends and learn about the relationships that he has. It is a comedic take on modern technology on how devices would act if they were human so the jealous IPhone 4 and the cocky IPhone 6. The mp3 player that just talks and doesn’t listen and the useless paper clip.



This character is the main man he is hip and cool he likes to party and is popular amongst other devices. He likes most people but can take dislikes to self-centred and annoying devices such as the MP3 player.




These are the basic faces that Dic has and how it is that he expresses emotions.

Dic Faces

IPhone 4

A lot of resentment from this character to the newer and more popular IPhone 6 as he is now seen as out dated and useless. He tries to prove himself and out do the 6 every time he has the opportunity to some times this rivalry can cause a lot of tension and conflict between the two.



iPhone 4 faces

The faces of the 4 are very exaggerated and obvious he faces the challenge of having only one eye he doesn’t wink and must always do his best to keep it open and stay alert. He is known more for the sad and angry expressions because he is outdated he suffers from jealousy and envy of the newer models.

Iphone4 Faces

IPhone 6

Defiantly not an innocent party in this the IPhone really does try to annoy the 4 mainly on his flexibility and more agile body. He plays on the IPhone 4’s insecurity and makes lot of claims that it is out-dated and useless sometimes this can be off putting to the other characters.



iPhone 6 faces

These are many faces of the iPhone 6 and in the angry face the eyes actually crack and the glass gets damaged. Unlike the iPhone 4 the 6 has two eyes and has eyelids to express emotion he also enjoys wider mouth space because he is bigger.

Iphone6 Faces


A self-centred character that won’t shut up so that can only mean one thing he is a politician. He doesn’t listen to other people and just talks about himself and his beliefs without giving anyone else room for there say. Of course he does give gaps to give other characters the chance to agree with him.



Paper Clip

This character is very repetitive and can get very annoying as he is always offering help even if help is not needed the only problem is the follow up is always question not recognised so he never actually helps anyone all he does is get in the way. He can seem friendly at first but you learn very quickly that all he ever does is repeat the same question and get in the way.

Paper Clip

Paper Clip CGUiMac

This crazy animal is a wild party goer and he is a bad influence on the people around them because he encourages heavy drinking and smoking. He lives his life partying and getting over hangover’s in which he uses a combination of a good breakfast and some pills.





Set up film

This is taking what I have done and adding toon lines and whitening everything up so I can render in Maya software and then I can use it as reference on what I can improve on before I render it properly. The reason I do this is so I can edit things out to save rendering parts that I don’t need but also so I can improve animation and sound effects to have a better final outcome.

The parts that I need to improve and edit is as follows.

  • Lower camera angel at 1:36
  • Improve animation of IPhone 6 on flexibility
  • Edit the MP3 player down. fade out and snoring noise with text “10 minutes of very boring political commentary later”.
  • Slow MP3 player falling asleep
  • Speed up dance
  • Slow down smoking
  • Smother transition at 5:52
  • Pick feet up on animation 6:00
  • Add footsteps sound
  • Paper crinkling for paper clip

The final film



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