Clipper is a twist on the myth of Jack The Ripper. Who was it and why did he do it well in this short film we see the truth behind it is the Ripper was a robot sent back in time to murder people in 1800’s London.


Hanbury street

This is the name of the street where the second victim of Jack the ripper was murdered and these are the drawings that I made for me to use as reference. I wanted a tunnel type to add a dark spot and make it a little more spooky and take away some visibility.







The alley is the last scene and I wanted it to be tight and compact with very little room to manoeuvre around and can be quite a dark and glum part of London.



This is some quick measurements I set up for a backbone of the sizes so I knew how big everything needed to be in Maya.




These are a look at the many possible Clipper designs that I went through to finally get to the finished character.

1st Clipper

I did like this design But the main problem was that I didn’t think that he would be versatility  when moving about and the lack of arms would be a problem in the story.


2nd Clipper

This Clipper was to obvious because I wanted him to look innocent and friendly until the very end. Another problem was that he didn’t have wheels he just floated that I felt made him to futuristic.



3rd Clipper

The part of this Clipper I particularly like was the wheels as I like the idea of the swaying and little unstable body. The main downside is the arm I don’t like how stiff it is and that it is only visible when it come out of the body.


4th Clipper

I absolutely detest this Clipper it was based on a robot I made earlier on in a film called disarmament, This Clipper looks bland and emotionless I wanted Clipper to look friendly this will just look creepy and strange.


5th Clipper

The fifth Clipper had a nice look with the eye above the body and the arms that were exactly what I was looking for, The biggest problem with this clipper was that he had no wheels and he floated like the 2nd Clipper design that I had done.


6th Clipper

I loved the arms of 5 so I kept them so I went onto find and explore more with the body and what I ended up with was perfect because he had two spikes on the top of his head that would make him look evil but the sleek smooth body and the wide glowing eyes would make him look more friendly which meant that I could use the body to play with how the audience view this character that fitted in with the narrative perfectly. The ball to move him around was an absolute eye saw.



Final Clipper

I wanted Clipper to look futuristic so that meant that I wanted it to be bright and clean and quite reflective to help maintain the modern feel to the robot. So I ended up going with the wheels from the 3rd design because I just loved the idea of him swaying and being a little unstable that would help me make him look a little unstable and a little vulnerable. The hands are from the 5th design as it helped fit the narrative of him being friendly and him being able to hold objects, The body was an obvious choice being from the 6th and the reasons have been made clear.

Clipper Drawing



The victim I wanted to be quite ugly and to achieve this I over exaggerated the makeup on the face and gave her some goofy and missing teeth.




Clipper Script


I did the storyboard in Photoshop using a tablet to draw my frames on.











Final Film

I am pleased with the final film and have learnt a lot about how I can add atmosphere in my scenes. I am particularly happy with the windows as they are created with fog in Maya using the Maya software render then added in, in After Effects.


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