Cut out

Cut Out

News room
This is the drawing that outlines the set up I aimed for and the original name that I was considering which is on the front of the desk. It shows the globes and the TV with the logo and as you can see that I did keep to it apart from the name and logo which I improved on greatly. The second picture is of the news room without logos and screens on the TV but with marks on it to explain what goes where and what it is.

News Room
The pirate was drawn put into Photoshop cleaned up then the clean up was put in Maya on planes as textures. This was used to build the pirate character these are the two stages the drawn character and final character I also created a 3D character in the style of Disney Infinity.


The Frenchmen was a spontaneous character that I just made in Maya which worked well because cut out audio was suppose to be spontaneous and it was good to have a completely spontaneous character but I did draw him after words I drew a straight on view and the side to illustrate how the character works. The top one is the final CG character then it is the drawn and Photoshop versions of this character.


The Canadian character was a bit wacky and unpredictable and a little obsessive he comes from Toronto and the reason for the bureau is because I wanted to give him some links to Québec and the reason it is red is because a traditional French bureau is black and I wanted the character to have strong Canadian routes. I drew him and then built the character in Maya the drawing was used as a guide line but was not used as a plane like the pirate as I built it completely in Maya the pictures are of the drawing and the final character.


This character was again very spontaneous and I created him in Maya this is the final outcome of this character he had a vest on and a tattoo with a unshaven jaw.
This was a little bit of fun because I had a truck character already and what I did was add on accessories like the crane and the goofy teeth to make him look a bit like Mater I changed the colour to brown and unfortunately I didn’t UV unwrap him before I rigged him so I couldn’t add on a rust texture which was unfortunate so I had to just go with plane brown. Here are a couple of angles to see Mater and picture of this character playing a couple of other roles.

TV Set Clinton

Jimmy McMillan
This is a Lego character with moving moustache and beard for talking instead of different mouth shapes. I made the Lego character look like Jimmy McMillan as much as I could so I gave the Lego character the legendary moustache and beard and made that centre stage when he talks. He has eyes in his glasses to make it seem more realistic and much more friendly when animating.
The Rent Is To Damn High
The weather man was just a cool character that I wanted after a simple drawing I went and made him in Maya he has two layers an inner layer that was a passive collider to control and maintain the outer and visible layer as it was an ncloth, I did this so I could get movement on the skin to enhance the idea of the wind being there. It worked well but If I did it again I would make the ncloth layer bigger so it would be more loose and there would be more movement. The pictures are of the drawing and the CG final next to his umbrella that flies of.


Mouth shapes
These are the mouth shapes that I used on the characters from when I drew them to after they were cleaned up and given colour in Photoshop. The mouth shapes work brilliantly and they fitted the characters very well I also used these in reference when I was animating the Mater character so I knew what sort of mouth shapes I needed for each pronunciation.

I was stuck on the Logo I wasn’t certain what I wanted so I put something from each character I decided to put the leafs of the Canadian flag, the French flag the scouser nose and bones from the pirate symbol I gave it a quick sketch put it in Photoshop made it in Maya for the opening then used the Maya creation for the turning box and all the logo textures. These are the drawing and photo shop and the final outcome.



CPFS Radio
A spin off to CPFS news it will consist of the green character and the Canadian character and they will be in a radio studio rather than a TV studio. It will be much more direct than the news as there are fewer hosts the two other hosts may make odd appearances in the radio studio but it is the two characters that will lead this spin off.
These are pictures of the radio studio and the angles of the camera on the characters. I have developed the TV screen glow quality so that I can improve the final outcome of this and future projects that I undertake.




CPFS Update
For future CPFS news episodes the pirate will no longer be made up of textures on planes he will be a full 3D character, The voice will also change as I feel it needs to be more lively and upbeat than what it is know. I want a quick practical joker to liven up the mood in the studio it will be the same design but in a different format this is what he will look like in 3D.



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