Music video

New York

New York is a great city that has a number of famous great places that are visually stunning and hugely important to modern culture. The Statue of Liberty is a worldwide symbol of freedom and liberty not just in the USA. It is also one of the most iconic places in the United States because of its history and what it symbolises I can’t visually create New York without including the Statue. Times square is again an Iconic place and one of the most famous locations in New York but it is also a symbol of capitalism and the economic freedoms that western countries enjoy. I will use the advertising boards to show the companies that I like and that I practically like Disney will have an advert in my Times Square. The Empire State building is an amazing feet of engineering and the fact it was built during the Great Depression in my view it characterises the hope and belief the American culture has for the future. Central Park will be visited shortly it is just such a big part of New York I think it would be wrong to just ignore, The Yankee stadium, I have always enjoyed bringing stadiums to life in animation and I’ve never had a better opportunity than this because of the arcade style that I’m going after which means I’ll be able to really simplify it and still make it fit the scene and the place. The inspiration for my section of the video is Oliver and company and the construction site scene is a perfect place to start because a building site is we’re building are created it’s were every building starts from the ones on Times Square to the Empire state. It is also the start of this dogs amazing journey just like a building site is the start of a new building. The back streets of New York are famous because of the use of them in films like Die Hard were inner city kids play basket ball and marbles on stairs of houses.


CGI is a style that I admire and enjoy and example of this that I have looked at are Cars 2 and Monsters University. I find it the form f animation that creates realism and you can make things out of this world and make the audience believe that it is real. Another style I have looked at is the is CGI but made so that the characters and sets are made out of cardboard. I saw this done twice in Bradford in the music videos ‘The Lion’ and ‘The Staves Winter Trees’ I found it a very lean refreshing approach to animation and the sets looked so beautiful. I saw the effect and in planning this realised that I could take it and apply it to Times Square in New York and believed that it will look visually stunning. Arcade games are not my favourite thing but in the film Wreck It Ralph it amazed me the use of it and I would like to experiment with that look and effect. I’ll be using this effect to create the complicated New York Yankees stadium.

This is a over head view of where the dog will be going so I knew exactly what to build and where to build it and it helped me think about ways to go from one style and scene to the next style and scene. It also helps me think about the sizes and I used it as a plan to build the Yankee stadium so I knew how many tiers the stand had and how big each stand was.
Final plan
This was a plan I had to make to outline the ways in which I would get the dog to the top of the skyscraper, I decided to put him in a lift and have a Pac man go up stairs for the final couple of floors and it worked exactly how I would have hoped it to work.
These are some test that I did to have a look at how different styles would work in the scenes so as this shows I considered glow edges for Times Square at the end with the fireworks but decided against it.


I story boarded the Times Square scene for the song America the beautiful so that I knew when the choir would be on screen so I didn’t have to lip sync the choir when they weren’t on screen and this helped save time. It helped me setting up the two cameras that I used to film the scene as I knew were they needed to go how long movements would take. These are the quick storyboards that I created as it was enough to guide me to a efficient high quality film.

This is the dog there are two base designs the main one and then the cardboard dog with the lines and the outline for the cardboard dog. Doing the two simply gave me the chance to put them in Maya and build both dogs to the same proportions and that was important because it was the same dog just in a different style.



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