TV Series

Negotiated study



The objective is to create a concept for a TV series that would have international audience. Then to illustrate the potential of the idea and characters through two short films. (the reason for two is to look at what works and what doesn’t)


Negotiated study 1

I will create the two short films in 3D in Maya. I start on the characters and then think of situations to put them in and create a story from there. Once I have a story, I will create a script and basic story board that will guide me as to what scenes I will need to model and characters that will be in the short film.  I will go onto design and model the characters and the scenes in Maya ready for filming.

Negotiated study 2

I will complete the character work by completing the rigging and putting together some animation tests. Once I have done this I will render out and composite the backgrounds and 360 views of the characters and vehicles to create an example for the look of the TV series. I will then create a couple of animations to show the potential that this TV series has to offer.

Short synopsis


This film will follow the style of a show like SpongeBob where the background is more detailed and realistic, but the focus is really on the characters which are much more cartoony, The humour will be a lot more blunt and provocative aimed at a older audience. With a lot more inappropriate language it will follow the humour structure of a show like South Park and Family Guy.

Aargh Canada

This film will be a lot more cartoony with the scenery and the theme and humour will follow to be a lot more friendly, The humour will be based on exaggeration rather than inappropriate, It will be more like The Simpsons with a much more appropriate form of comedy.

The reason for this for these variations is to see what works for the characters and the scripts. Also which one is more visually pleasing on the eye. These short films will be a good example of what is capable and how it should be developed further.



Chicago will have one main scene where most of the action will take place and that is inside the CTA train, This film will look how the characters will look on an extremely detailed background, So I know if it will work with the characters that I have, or if the characters just look out of place.

Aargh Canada

This film will need a larger verity of scenes so naturally this seems like the better film to test the cartoony background on as it will not be as time consuming to create as the more detailed Chicago scenes will, This will look at how the cartoony characters will look on a similar background.

Will it be more visually pleasing to see the characters on a more detailed background or cartoony scenes, Will the verity of colour and detail work better for the theme than the consistency.




Willie- This is the character that changes most in the two short films he is a lot more aggressive and uses much more explicit language in the Chicago short but is much more toned down for the Ah Canada short film, This character was originally going to be called Corey but I decided to change the name to Willie because I felt the name needed to be more light hearted and comical.

Julie- This is more of a support character for Willie, A point of confrontation and yet enabling, she will be the figure that assumes the logical and reasonable position among the two main characters.

Noah- This character is there to insert some innocence to the crew, Noah is a quiet and polite boy that sometimes speaks up in comical silences and with comments to move the scene on to the next scenario.


Name: Willie Harris

Age: 55

Occupation: Secretary

Personality: An angry man that can easily lose his temper he doesn’t cope well with queues and traffic jams. An impatient man he can often take it out on the people around him with constant complaining


Corey Faces Corey

Willie Angle

Willie Front

Willie Side

A simple walk cycle for Willie illustrates his temper/ anger and how he walks with determination in a manner that he is ready to push slow walkers out of the way.

Notes: Willie’s name was originally going to be Corey but I decided to change it to be a little bit more comical so it would work better with the overall theme of the show.

Name: Julie Harris

Age: 53

Occupation: Dinner lady

Personality: A patient lady that often can be seen enabling her impatient temperamental husband. But when he over steps the mark she is quite happy to put him right back into place.


Julie Faces Julie

Julie Angle

Julie Back

Julie Front

Julie has a much more feminine walk cycle more so than some of the other characters.

Name: Noah Harris

Age: 11

Occupation: Student

Personality: A quite little boy that is very happy and gets excited at times


Noah FacesNoah

Noah Angle

Noah Back

Noah Front

The youngest character in the film has the most vibrant walk cycle a walk with speed and confidence.


Poster 5



  1. The three of them get off plane and man says “thank god that’s over squashed unable to move for hours on end!” Willie says
  2. Pan to sign saying border control
  3. Cut to them waiting at border control Willie muttering to himself
  4. Shots of the line
  5. Willie looking at Clock
  6. Clock moves forwards hours
  7. The three of them move towards officer
  8. Stupid questions cause Willie to get very annoyed
  9. Walking down corridor to trains and Willie is complaining
  10. Long shot down station as the three walk down as he refuses to get on at the back.
  11. Doors shut in Willie’s face and train leaves Willie loses his temper with wife
  12. Julie shouts at him in station
  13. Cut to them on the train sat awkwardly
  14. Speaker comes on and announces to step away from the platform
  15. Willie over hears couple say that announcements are about specific people
  16. Announcement about littering and Willie thinks its him
  17. Turns to Julie and starts moaning about the announcements
  18. Another announcement is made and he starts complaining once more.
  19. Julie tells him to shut up and to stop moaning
  20. Awkward silence
  21. “How long until we get to Chicago” Willie asks
  22. Julie doesn’t know
  23. Announcement “The next stop is California”
  24. Willie panics and starts getting angry they have come to the wrong place
  25. They stop at California and Willie realises it’s a not actually the state
  26. Announcement “The next stop is Harlem”
  27. Willie loses it over the miss leading names of the station
  28. “Where the are we getting of” Willie asks
  29. Julie replies Chicago
  30. Willie thinks Julie is being funny a back and fourth between the two as he once again loses it.
  31. Announcement “The next stop is Logan”
  32. Willie has a rant about station names and being misleading blaming his anger on the subway.
  33. “The next stop is Diversity”
  34. Willie shouts “HA finally a accurate station name for this city”
  35. He is offensive and camera pans to reveal a man who has just been offended
  36. The offended man pulls his fist back ready to punch
  37. Screens blacks out
  38. Shot along the Chicago river as couple argue over what happened on the train whilst the tune “He had it coming gradually gets louder and louder
  39. Credits appear




  • TSA officer
  • Man he offends


  • Plane exit
  • Border security room
  • Airport corridor to train
  • Train station
  • Chicago river


  • Train



Story Board

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11

Concept art and drawings

 Offended man

This is the character that Willie will offend of the train and ends up hitting him.

Offended Man

Offended Faces Offended

Offended Angle

Offended Back

Offended Front

TSA Officer

The TSA officer will be the guy to check there passports.


Security Faces Security

TSA Angle

TSA Back

TSA Front






Plan 1Plan 2 Plan 3 Plan 4 Plan 5 Plan 6 Plan 7


CTA Train Inside



CHICAGO Look Chicago Plan Chicago Plan1 Untitled-2




Plan 1 Plan 2




Airport Border


Border 1

Border 2

Border 3

Border 4

Border 5





Plane 1

Plane 2

Plane 3

Plane 4

Plane 5

Plane 6

Final Border scene




  1. Car driving around the mountains
  2. Cut to inside the car on a dual carriage way. The three of them listening to the radio
  3. Willie speeds up when he sees a traffic light on green
  4. When The light goes red he starts to get annoyed a car pulls up next to him and the road goes to one lane after the lights.
  5. The other car beats him and he flashes lights and loses his temper
  6. Julie comments that the car is going faster any way Willie “Well there you are then”
  7. Silence is broken when a biker cuts Willie up and he loses it and he starts flashing and having a go.
  8. The bike pulls into a beautiful siding with amazing views. Willie gets out to have a go at the biker
  9. Arguing is followed by Willie saying do you know who I am and biker saying no
  10. “I’m Willie fucking Harris that’s who I am”
  11. Biker asks who that is and Willie challenges him to beat boxing to find out
  12. This is followed by further arguing
  13. Noah turns to his mum and comments about the beautiful view
  14. Julie comments about two tractors passing
  15. The argument continues and the biker drives off
  16. Willie gets back in car red fuming and drives off
  17. Silence as the first tractor approaches
  18. Willie swears
  19. attempts to pass first tractor not knowing about the second fails two times and then leathers it avoiding a crash
  20. Willie looks relieved and sees the second tractor and he explodes with anger
  21. Cut on a swear word
  22. Its night in the car and Julie comments about a bear in the road
  23. Willie is forced to stop
  24. Noah is in aww a real bear right in front of him Julie gets her camera out
  25. As the flash on the camera goes off Willie beeps horn flashes lights and is shouting
  26. Bear looks over and shakes head
  27. Willie criticise bear and Julie shakes her head in disgust




  • Biker
  • Bear


  • Roads around mountains
  • Traffic lights
  • Viewing platform
  • Straight road
  • Bear crossing


  • Car
  • Bike
  • Tractor 1
  • Tractor 2

Canada Script

Story board

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28

Concept art and drawings


This is the character that Willie will get into an argument with after he is over taken.




This bear will appear at the end to block the road and when Willie gets angry with him the bear hits him.




This is the vehicle where most of the action will take place as this car will be what the main characters will be.


Car Angle

Car Inside Front

Car Front

Car Side

Car Inside Back

Car Back


This bike will belong to the person that overtakes Willie

Bike side

Bike front

Bike Back

Tractor 1

This is suppose to be a new modern looking vehicle that the main character gets stuck behind.


Green Tractor Angle

Green Tractor Back

Green Tractor Front

Green Tractor Side

Tractor 2

This tractor is suppose to be old and clapped out so that when Willie does over take the modern tractor he cant believe his luck when he sees this tractor.

Tractor 2

Rust Tractor Angle

Rust Tractor Back

Rust Tractor Front

Rust Tractor Side


Bend 1

Bend 2

Bend 3

Mountain road

Mountain Road 3

Mountain Road 1

Mountain Road 2

Straight road

Straight Road 3

Straight Road 1

Straight Road 2

Straight Road 4

Traffic lights

Traffic Lights

Viewing platform

Viewing 1

Viewing 2

Viewing 3

Viewing 4