Monsters Inc video

I watched a video talking about the development of a scene from the Pixar movie Monsters Inc. It goes through developing the story to planning shots and setting it up on Maya and getting the final render.

Ice Age

I personally found this informative about the process of a 3D computer animated film. I learnt about the way they apply the key principles of animation to computer animation. I was surprised by the work they put into the storyboard and the details that they go to. The way they use clay models in designing was new to me as I have just used hand drawn images to create characters in the computer so this is a new technique for me.

The Message

The Message character development Name- Karl Age- 53 Occupation- Receptionists Hobbies- Nothing he is very boring Habits- Picks his nose, Sweats, Heavy breathing Personal characteristics- Slow, Unambitious, Tired, Miserable Design for society Research Films Der Fuhers face Style- 2D hand drawn animation Story- It is a film that mocks the Nazi regime and the fascist, oppressive beliefs of the government in Germany. It does this by following the day of a average worker in Germany showing that they are over worked and are forced to show admiration to the leader. At the end we see that Donald wakes up and is actually in America where he is overcome with joy that it was just a nightmare. Characters- The characters include Donald Duck a worker in Germany who struggles with the demands of life in the fascists’ state.

Education for death Style- 2D hand drawn animation Story- It follows a boy called Hanz as he grows up and is moulded into the ideal Nazi it shows how the education system is teaching him the Nazi beliefs and how his childhood has been taken from him. We then see him go into the army and see how he has been shaped to be another piece of the fascist regime. Characters- The main character is Hanz we watch him grow up and how he is changed to fit into the Nazi beliefs we also have a narrator that talks about what is happening to Hanz.

History of voting Style- Live action characters CGI background Story- In this we see people talk not only about the importance of voting but also the struggle that has happened to ensure everyone has the right to vote, It talks about the people who fought for their right to vote and how they fought for your right to vote. It talks about the civil rights movement and the women rights movement. Characters- The characters where talking about the struggles and the facts when it comes to voting and the importance of every vote.

Celebrity ad ‘Vote’ Style-Live action with a behind the scenes feel with the characters speaking to the people behind the camera about what to do. It is set up for one person to at a time to speak to the camera (The audience about voting). It is comical with them arguing with the director Steven Spielberg and Borat maintains the comedic factor to the end even when it becomes a bit more serious. Story- There is no story to this really as it starts off with the actors talking about what it is that they do and how they feel it should be done then it gets to a point in where the actors talk about why voting is important and why people should use there vote. Characters- The characters are real life actors talking to the audience about why they feel it is important to vote in an election and why they will be using their vote.

You vote Style- Live action Black and white alternates with colour Story- It is just people standing in front of a camera talking about voting and why voting is important to them and an important part of society. There is music put over it that makes it feel more powerful and enhances the importance of voting. Characters- A group of people talking about why voting is important and why voting matters.

History Parties National socialists- The fascist party SDP- Centre left Communist party- Fascists Centre party- Conservatives Election- Hitler won 33% of the vote but only 80% of German people voted in the election so I will have the innocent man that begs the boy to cote support the centre party the moderate party of Germany. Events- Hitler never won a fair majority he only won a clear majority in the other elections where he was the only candidate running for office. Props Buildings- There are three main types of buildings in Germany you have the ancient medieval buildings which are made up of blocks and thatched roofs that have been modernized with new roofs and have been maintained a good example of this is the buildings of Nuremburg. The second type of building is the Nazi mega structures mainly made up of concrete these include the Zeppelin and the bunkers these would be buildings that appear towards the end of my animation. The third is the Farm house with small bricks with thatched roofs that have been maintained and not modernized this is the type of building that I will use as Hanz’s home. Builldings Vehicles – As you can see from the pictures the military vehicles at the time were a lot simpler in shape than modern vehicles with the trucks taking on a very basic box shape and tanks being kept very simplistic with nothing on the outside it was just a turret on a box. As for the very day vehicles they again were basic in shape with them all being fairly square apart from the Beatles that was much smoother.


Design Directions

Lion King characters

This is looking at how they gave personality to characters in the movie The Lion King it was used in different ways some were inspired by real animals and others were inspired more by the voice actors that had read their lines. It shows us some of the original drawings and the raw animation of the movie and how the animators of the movie saw and believed the characters acted.


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