Test Animations

Animation and Live Action
I used Match Mover App from Autodesk to put a bouncing ball, flags and market stall in the scene to see how it works and how I can use it in the future to improve my work.

Glass test
This was a test on Maya to try out new ways I can shatter or destroy a wall for the last shot of a film trailer I did for my media course in six form. I found out the many ways I can shatter a wall or glass and this was one of the results that I came out with.

Sneeze tests
these are the stage I went through to get my final result I started with the drawn frames and I took out the whit backgrounds and strengthened the lines. I put a green screen behind it and put it over the background drawing to create a final render.

Sneeze render
When I drew the images I put them in the computer and took the white away and put it over the background to get a rough idea what it would look like.

Flag Test
I first tested flags in Maya for the Gettysburg address film that I did and I used that in Force Wight and Volume film, This is the flag test I did for the sneeze film and how I could use Maya flags behind a hand drawn background and animation.

Screen Tests
These screens are example of the screens that I have made and animated for my cardboard Times Square. I will be having cardboard come out to project the images and it is shown in these. The screens are a very clever way that I came up with to have working screens that add to the idea of this world being made up of cardboard.

Style changes Tests
This is a test to see how I will go from style to style this looks at going from the line style at central park to the straight forward mainstream computer style that will be used for Lower Manhattan. I am happy with the overall look of this and the way it goes from one scene to the next and from one style to the next.

Lip Syncing Test
This test is looking at how I will make children in a world made of hardboard and cardboard sing. I decided to go with a cut out style of speech with a template of mouth shapes and varying them as appropriate to fit the sound. I feel it works well with a good lip synching and it maintains that cardboard/ Hardboard effect that I am going for in times square.

Ncloth test
I set out to look at how I can make cloths using Ncloths, first of all I went to the basic and made a simple Ncloth and then I went made a pair of shorts but faced a big problem when they kept falling down, so the I tried putting a passive collider to keep the shorts up and then hid the passive collider.

Visual effects

This test was to take photos and map them so I can put sections of them together in after effects and put a new sky in. I also tried a zoom moving each plane individually.


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