University Work 1st Year

Cut out
In cut out I did everything from the background to the characters, the logo and the audio. In cut out I recorded the audio and put it all together in the software audacity. The character design was done in different way on character was drawn by hand then cleaned up in Photoshop and then I used that to use as planes on Maya and I did the animation in the software Maya. Another character was made using planes in Maya and then used hand drawn mouths in Maya. The Canadian was the only character created in Maya with the mouth being the moving planes. For the eye lids on the Canadian and the frog along with the frogs mouth was done using blend shapes in Maya to save messing with bones. I created the background as a 3D because news shows tend to have high tech backgrounds a good example is the ITV news. The format is a news broadcast and the final piece will be a wacky and wild news broadcast with some pretty odd things being said. I also did a Lego character with a cut out mouth this has all different types of cut-out from just mouths to being the whole characters.

These are cleaned up character mouth shapes that I used for the cut out animation I used these on all characters apart from the Canadian and one of the cut away characters.
This is the 3D background and the globes will be rotating the pink screen will be a TV as I will take the pink away in after effects and put a video behind it.
This is the logo and it is a box that will spin around as I find this representing of a news logo to be much more effective and appealing and professional.
These are some of the characters in the animation. I designed and made all the characters them all.
The Pirate was hand drawn and cleaned up you can see this in development.
The Frog was spontaneous I did this with the rest of the main characters as it fitted in with the task of a spontaneous idea. I made the characters and then the designs meant I had an idea of where to look and what accent I want.
The Canadian is a simple character but clever because he has so much character but such little detail and he carries so much personality.
The scouser was very stereotypical because the pirate isn’t what you expect and that comparison of a character that fits into the stereotype and a character that completely breaks that is very interesting.
The rent is too damn high is based on the person that voices him as he is a known figure for his famous quote THE RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH
The Rent Is To Damn High
This film ended up going well together and I am particularly pleased with the way the special guest turned out to be. The techniques for lip sync weren’t tested in the music video but I did know what not to do and I knew the things to avoid and because of those things I learnt I ended up with a much cleaner film and higher quality of lip syncing. I also used new technique in Maya which was blend shapes which I used on the eyelids of three characters and on the mouth of the green character. I also thought about how to do split screens for the interview and how to exit the split screen this pushed me to learn how to export videos out of after effects with the alpha and that will come in great use in future films I make. The lip syncing works well I was also told by members of the class that the lip sync with mater was good and even maintained character that was unexpected as I didn’t think I could achieve that sort of lip sync but I was told that I did which makes me very happy. I was happy with the edit as it was complicated with the split screens and the logo. The film works well and the characters interact in a fluent and convincing manner and I am pleased with the way the audio goes together, the characters I am happy with as they are very likable and marketable especially the green character and the Canadian and the weather reporter. The main criticism I have that I hope to learn from is the timing on the news alert introduction I think I need to hold the last frames for about ten to twenty frames to just give it a bit of time to register with the viewer I think I need to give things like that a bit more time in future projects just to give them time to register, another example is when Mater leaves and the split screen is last I need to give it a bit more time to just let the audience register that mater is leaving and that the split screen is going away. That’s the main lesson from this project to take my time but it has also been useful to perfect some of the things I learnt in the music video like the cut out mouths. Overall I am thrilled with the final film I think it really did meet all my expectations and looking at this film in comparison to my first ever animation years agonies amazing because I believe this shows that I am learning at a faster and faster pace and it shows how much I learnt in the music video and how I am able to apply what I learnt to my future films to end up with better films that are much more professional.

Music video

New York section
I was responsible for all sections set in New York from the back street to the fireworks display. This was done on the software Maya and the composition was done on after effects and Photoshop. The fireworks were done on Maya and the editing of the audio was done on audacity and I used magic movie maker pro for the editing on the film. I used cut out for the faces of the singing choir members and there are some things that were unexpected in that because there were black marks on the faces of the singers and it is unappealing and doesn’t look quite right. Another mistake is I put a plywood texture over the posters and it weakens the strength of the colours in the film and I believe that the music video would of benefited from that extra colour. The theme of this section is America and a celebration of America and New York and this is shown with all the places we go the music chosen and the all American fireworks show at the end when Times Square welcomes a new year in.

This is a picture of the Yankee stadium set
These are images of the Yankee Stadium when I was building it. It shows that I am green screening the main screen so I can take it away and put the movie clip in behind it and have it as a working screen. It give you a idea of what the scene actually looks like and the part u won’t see.
Yankee Stadium
This is a picture of the fireworks
These are images of the fireworks before meged into times square and the fireworks you can see are in development and fully rendered without out the times square set.
This is a picture of the Times Square set
These are images of Times square when I was building it in cardboard and the three screen that I have completed. This shows all of the adverts that I have put up for the genuine and believable aesthetics of Times Square. It also shows the fact that only half of the place is complete and what it looks like when it is half finished.
Times Square

Overall I am extremely pleased with the final product and the final film because it reaches a good standard and I have explored new styles and techniques. More importantly I have learnt many things the first being the many ways I can use Maya and exploit software like after effects and Photoshop to give it a completely new look. One learning curve I experienced in the film is actually visible and obvious and that is the changes in style because the first two changes of styles are shabby and poor but after that they get better and better and become much more seamless, I am extremely happy that I have learnt so much from this project. I was also able to do my first ever major fireworks display and all though there are moments in Times Square where the glow of the fireworks is a little to strong but I felt it worked well in the film. I also developed cut out mouth techniques in making the choir and I used what I had learnt and looked at the mistakes I made and developed my technique for my cut out animation. A good example of the mistakes were the disappearing eyes at the beginning and the black and grey that goes across there face randomly, these are not problems I faced in cut out purely because of the experience with animating the choir which was good as it shows that I did clearly learn a lot from making this film.

Stop motion
I helped model the taco van as I did the bumper, the taco and the windows I also helped model and paint the sets, In the office I modelled the desk and the phone I also painted some of the walls of the office. The supermarket set I created some of the signs to hang from the roof I also helped paint some of the walls of the supermarket.
image (3)
I created the storyboards which included a storyboard created in Maya that means we get a better perspectives of the story and that will help us shoot and animate the short film. I also did the editing of the film and did it using the help of the animatic that I had created, I edited on Magix Movie Maker.

I used the Maya storyboard to create an animatic with some base audio so we know how long it will be and the length of shots. It also means we can look at what can be cut and we can trim down what needs to be trimmed.

I designed and modelled the old lady and I started with drawing her and I then put it into the computer and cleaned the drawing up. I then used the drawing to create an armature for the old lady and I then padded her out with cotton wool and then I created cloths for her. I cut the cloths and then stitched them to fit her I was aiming for a scruffy effect so it makes her seem that little bit more dicrepide.
image (4)
I did the write up of the script and made a list of all the sounds that we would need to make for the film. I did have help from Liam and Joe for this and they helped me describe on the extra sounds that we needed for the film so the sound of the phone for example.

I also designed the old ghost but we had to get rid of it and simplify the ghost as we didn’t have enough time to make another full human character. The change in design lead to a slight change in the script but it wasn’t a major change. The reason for the change was we didn’t have time to make him as we had already dedicated ourselves to three other characters. We knew that all the other. Characters couldn’t be cut and neither could this one but we could simplify the ghost to make him much more stereotypical. I also made created the head on the new ghost and I made came up with the design of the new ghost.
image (5)
I recorded the sound and got all the audio together ready for the fill to be edited and the sound to be added. I didn’t do any of the voices I was on the computer recording the actors on audacity.

I also did some of the animation so but in different scenes my roles change but I did put them together and I thought of ways we can be more productive so for example I came up with the idea of looping. Changes in roles varied from light to camera work and back ground movement and character animation. I took complete control of the Pac Man scen in which I created it in Maya animated the scene and composted the scene.
image (6)
I did the editing which meant that I was responsible for putting it all together and assigning the sound to the clips. I used the software Magix movie maker to put it all together and to make the clips, I used after effects to make the lightning bolts with the ghost and to change the brightness and contrast on that shot and others like the Pac Man scene.

The film had highs and lows I felt that the story was good and there was good comedy in the short film. But some of the animation was below what I would have hoped for and the sets could have been more detailed. The sets needed to be anchored down to stop them moving about as it ruins the effect of the animation. Some movement from the characters are a little bit too quick and they need to be slowed down on parts. Another mistake we made was that we painted the characters and the paint kept on peeling off and we had to keep on repainting the characters. Overall there were mistakes but I am happy with the outcome of the film and I felt it works well with what we aimed for.

Smudge and click
I did the cotton wool countdown and it was very basic but it does work effectively and it works very well and fits its purpose.


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